Our mission
We care deeply about preserving our planet. And we love to do that in a simple and practical way. We need to act now, hence our motto: The time is right now.

Our goal  To buy or build, in 13 countries, at least:

  • 30 organic houses and 10 governmental buildings in the coming 2 years
  • 60 organic houses and 20 governmental buildings in the coming 5 years
  • 120 organic houses and 40 governmental buildings in the next 7 years

The houses and buildings will be:

  • affordable for everyone
  • 100% self-sustaining
  • 100% organic
  • energy positive (they will provide energy instead of using energy)
  • 50% less expensive to build than regular buildings

This approach is based on our strong believe it that can be done. And that it must be done. We love to get in touch with people who believe this can be done too. Our approach:

We collect
We are collecting every piece of information we can find per category, concerning self-sustainable buildings, to help us realize our goal. We visit numerous building sites and companies, we talk and send emails until we have our practical design ready. We follow the latest developments, articles and forums. We actively approach any initiatives and suppliers who live up to our criteria.

We share
We will make a detailed overview of all the information we collect. With prices, locations, etc. This will be a dynamic process. We will put as much information in our overview as possible. Please contact us if you have a contribution or suggestion to our overview. Very soon we will publish the beginning of this overview on our website.

We build
We are going to build or buy houses that meet these conditions (we prefer that the houses are built locally considering transportation of materials) on a variety of locations in the world as long as the conditions are met. We like to use them first as holiday homes (so that you can experience living in a self-sustainable home) and after a while, they can be rented our or be sold. It is our intention to inspire people to contribute to preserving the planet and making affordable sustainable living possible for everyone.

We are a semi-profitable company. That means that profit is also used to build more buildings and houses, in order to construct as much of these houses as possible. We share our ideas, information and developments. We are completely transparent. We do not compete, we collaborate. And we hope you will join us!

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