We collect

We collect every piece of information we can find, concerning self-sustainable building, to help us realize our goal as mentioned on the homepage. All categories are specified below. We visit numerous sites, we talk and send emails until we have our practical design ready. We keep up to date by following the latest developments, reading articles and taking part in forums. We actively approach any initiative and supplier that lives up to our criteria.

We collect information about

  • houses and buildings
  • organic architecture
  • complete organic and energy positive houses
  • rainwater systems
  • hydro filters that purify wastewater
  • organic insolation material
  • carbon-free heating/cooling systems
  • straw and clay builders
  • mud and bamboo builders – wooden constructions
  • wind, water, solar energy systems
  • organic alternatives for concrete, steel and plastic
  • permaculture
  • zero energy air conditioners

Side products

  • organic alternatives to soaps and cleaning products
  • anything on permaculture
  • biodiversity farming
  • green building materials
  • organic furniture
  • 12 volt systems and devices


  • permaculture
  • building an organic house
  • working with organic building material
  • clay mud plastering

Did we miss any subject? Please let us know!