Our Houses

Our criteria

Affordable for everyone. How luxurious a house will be is a personal choice. Our aim is to build basic houses and then it’s up to the owner how to continue from there. By basic we mean: wind and waterproof, insulated, heating/cooling system, a positive energy source and a water and sewer system made out of organic material.

100% self-sustaining. The houses are independent from outside energy sources. They will sustain themselves. They don’t have to be connected to the electricity, water, gas or sewer network. From the moment the house is built, there will be no electric, water, gas or sewer bills to be paid.

100% organic. This means that the construction is made out of an organic product. Wood,  natural stone. Walls can be made out of straw and clay or wood/bamboo. The organic products used will have a green footprint (the production will not harm the environment). Bricks, concrete, plastic, chemical paint, aluminium and steel will be avoided in all cases.

Energy positive. The houses will generate energy instead of using it. The extra energy can be used for an electric car or shared with a neighbouring house.

Use of rainwater. In all cases where the climate lets us, we strive to use as much rainwater as possible for washing, showering and flushing the toilet. We strive to use drinking water only for drinking.

50% less expensive to build than regular buildings. By choosing natural material like wood or straw and making smart decisions in the design we know that it is possible and preferable to build for 50% less than a regular house. The only thing that needs to happen is that we let go of the belief system connected to a regular building manner.

Houses will meet up with standard building regulations. The technology of this century makes it completely possible to build according to the current building regulations. For instance, straw is much more fireproof than regular fire-resistant materials.

4 types of design. In some climates, houses need to be kept warm, in other climates houses need to be kept cool. Therefore we will end up with 4 designs:

  • hot and wet climate
  • hot and dry climate
  • warm and wet climate
  • warm and dry climate

The locations

We continuously strive for having as many as possible energy positive, organic houses and buildings all over the world. Where we start depends on where we find our first solutions. We also strive to build or buy locally so there are no transportation costs involved. In our overview, we definitely will mention houses already built that meet the conditions mentioned above.