The goal of the platform:
We wil create a global platform for exchange, information, collecting and sharing all developments, inventions, ideas, and projects concerning footprint and emission-free solutions. The platform will provide a global overview of all initiatives, ideas, solutions in the world.
The Platform will operate in 3 ways, on 3 categories, and on 6 continents. The Platform will be active from 1 May 2020.

Information ( free access to all possible information about emission and footprint-free solutions) The databank will be dynamic; the information will be updated 24/7 and provided with a search engine
Exchange forum ( around the world people can exchange about there ideas, solutions, and questions, again a profound search engine will be provided)
DIY databank on emission and footprint-free solutions, free designs, and manuals
On this part of the platform ideas and investors come together. Developers of prototypes, inventors and initiators will be matched with investors by a match engine.
On this part of the platform, actual produce and services are being sold. Customers and suppliers of products and services will be matched by a search engine.

In order to narrow down the broad variety of solutions,
we focus the platform on 3 main topics. we divide the footprint and emission-free solutions into 3 categories:
HOUSES&BUILDINGS ( private homes, governmental buildings like schools, libraries, offices, and factories)
UTENSILS& UTILITIES ( Utensils: fridges, stoves, fireplaces, light bowls, kitchen bathroom, garden, school or office necessities. Utilities: light, water, electricity, sewer solutions)
TRANSPORT ( solutions considering fuel, private and local vehicles)

6 continents
Although the main angle of the platform will be global when it comes to sharing information and matching the investors with the inventors/initiators. When it comes to products and services the focus will per continent. This is for 2 reasons:
1 to keep the transport of products as low as possible
2 to keep the service and selling of products as local as possible